Purpose and Empowerment
Tour (DMV)

with Shaykh Khalid Yasin

Buffet | Presentations | Executive Session | IT Solution Peep


Executive Session

This will include Executive Presentation, Buffet and business pitch and offers. It is open to Muslim business owners and leaders of organisations as well as intending Investors and sponsors.

Participants will see can they can grow their business using the exposure to millions that the Shaykh’s Tours offer. Participants will also get introduced to a software solution by Muslims that will speed up our development in Education, Business and Technology.

Session Two

General Session

This session is open to everyone as the Shaykh and his team will host participants to a light Buffet Dinner as well as expose them to the general use and benefit of the solution. 

There will also be Short Presentations  from  Ms. Aqilah Mujahid (Senior Technologist), Shaykh Okasha Kameny (Al Hirz Institute), Dr. Syed Masrur (Egypt), Ms. Nadia Yousouf (Canada), and Shahryar Ahmad (Research Scientist NASA, USA)


Everyone can know better with ease and sophistication.


Everyone can access better business opportunities with some planning.


Everyone can get things done much more conveniently.


"Our social mandate in the USA is to be competent, confident and relevant to the dynamics and changes which we all face, especially in the field of religious solidarity, business development and technological advancement."

Shaykh Khalid Yasin

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